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Blogger RAS said...

Your comments Joseph are interesting. I would say, however, that stupid is quite a strong word to use.

The wedding turned out to be very nice in the end although getting there was difficult.

October 5, 2008 5:04 AM

i got this in response to mjy blog about a wedding i coagulated in pagadian. well im sorry for some strong words used for i am being a sinister mode writing the blog, i was selfish somehow and hurt some of the people i worked with. to bernie and ann, i got nothing against the couple, whom a friend so dear to me, in fact i treasured the moment. for taking my best possible attendance utmost. in terms of the generic word for some few people i mentioned. i might have been too loud to inculcate that they were friends too. for RAS who made comment i might have relinquish the innermost thoughts that had been hid and only on my private moment been expressed. i know we are too eager to know the reality behind every situation, but the shoe would been hard to fit.but i like the comment from a stranger for i have never realized i was sorry. expressed word were done on sporadic part, but i must not regretted the part, i have been in a needle catastrophe when i was there. hope you would understand. it was sane and i was in my all mean the right practice. i was diplomatic. god knows, i hate to be bastos. To the reader please take out the word stupid and remain standing for the provincial. i dont need some applause nor judgemental impedement, as i already made to a point asi was reading hobbes by machiavelli!!!!! peace and goodnight


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